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Are you ready for a new event experience?

With ON24 Go Live, you can deliver effortless video-centric events without a long runway and with minimal resources.

Make attendee participation the main event

Quickly create and publish multisession, live-streamed digital events that connect your attendees over video for two-way discussion, networking and relationship-building.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Building out a digital event from scratch is time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • You’re having to cobble together different software solutions
  • Producing events is complex and cumbersome
  • Your event format limits audience participation
  • You’re not generating insightful sales and engagement data from your events

The ON24 Go Live solution:

  • Speed up your event execution with our pre-built event templates 
  • An all-in-one tool that includes all the features you need 
  • Simple to set up and run, either from home or from a professional studio
  • Specifically optimized for networking and two-way discussions
  • Designed to provide unified engagement data across every ON24 experience

Execute events at scale

Quickly stream virtual events that will engage and impress your attendees. Easy-to-use tools enable you to set up and run keynotes, breakout sessions, exhibit halls, sponsor areas, networking lounges and more.

Capable and adaptable

Whether you’re hosting r​​oadshows, customer meet-ups, executive summits, partner training, town halls or product launches, ON24 Go Live can flex to suit your every need and supports thousands of attendees at any one time.

Optimized for enhanced audience participation

ON24 Go Live offers an array of interactive opportunities to help you forge stronger online connections. Whether it’s event-level chat, in-session chat, polls or video-to-video breakout discussions, you can rely on ON24 Go Live to keep your audiences engaged with a variety of formats and functions.

What does ON24 Go Live include?

  • Agenda

    Give your audience an advance look at the agenda with the ability to plan and sign up for sessions before the event starts.

  • Speakers' gallery

    Showcase your featured speakers, including their headshots and bios, so your attendees can browse and follow their sessions.

  • Main stage and breakout sessions

    Build a dedicated location for your keynotes and add an unlimited number of back-to-back or concurrent breakout sessions.

  • Exhibit halls

    Recreate a “tradeshow” floor experience for your audience to visit and meet with sponsors and exhibitors at their individual “booths.”

  • Networking

    Integrate attendee interaction throughout your event with always-on live session chats, video breakouts and inside a dedicated networking lounge.

  • Registration

    Start promoting your event as soon as it’s published with flexible sign-up forms, confirmation emails and event reminders.

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