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ON24 Executive and senior leadership team

  • Sharat Sharan

    Founder, President and CEO, ON24

  • Steve Vattuone

    Chief Financial Officer, ON24

  • Jim Blackie

    Chief Revenue Officer, ON24

  • Jayesh Sahasi

    Executive VP, Products and CTO

  • Callan Young

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Steven Long

    Chief Information Officer

  • Mike Badgis

    Chief Human Resources Officer, ON24

  • Alex Saleh

    Chief Operations Officer, ON24

  • Mahesh Kheny

    Senior Vice President, Engineering

  • Abbas Meghjee

    Senior Vice President, Global Customer Success and Revenue

  • Tessa Barron

    Senior Vice President, Marketing, ON24

  • Bill Weesner

    General Counsel, ON24

  • Tom Bailey

    Vice President & Managing Director - EMEA

  • Mark Bornstein

    Vice President, Content Marketing and Chief Evangelist, ON24

  • Aimee Dress

    Vice President, Global Customer Success

  • Matt French

    Vice President, Financial Planning and Analyst

  • Daniel Harrison

    Vice President, APAC and Japan

  • Tom Milne

    Vice President, Sales Development

  • Kenzie Smith

    Vice President, Demand Generation

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