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What webinar software should do for you

Webinar software should enable you to do great things. It doesn’t get in the way and neither users nor audiences should ever have to download, manage or update a program on their personal device. Good webinar software is centralized through a portal, easy to use, reliable and provides you with tools to accelerate buyer journeys.

The best webinar software is engaging not just in its ability to relay content, but its ability to provide audiences with an interactive experience. Engagement tools like polls, surveys, downloadable resources and customizable elements like backgrounds and icons are essential for any professional solution. The best webinar software also provides you with insights on attendee behaviour so you can see what messages connect and which leads are ready to turn into buyers.

How webinar software helps you grow

Webinars are crucial to modern digital marketing programs. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions’ 2019 Buying Study, webinars are continually rated as the preferred human interactions by buyers on digital channels.

But some companies are under the mistaken impression that meeting software = webinar marketing software. This is not the case. Good webinar software provides you with the ability to interact, engage and measure progress with audiences.

Webinar & buyer's journey

Today’s buyer’s journey is primarily a digital journey. As marketing organizations adapt to this reality, they’ll need to use proven technologies that can help map to and accelerate the buyer’s journey online.

Webinars are one of those proven tools. With the right webinar software, you can easily create webinars mapped to each stage of the buying journey and accelerate key audiences through your marketing funnel.

Webinars & data

Great webinar software fits within your marketing technology stack — from your preferred CRM to your chosen marketing automation platform. This way, you can get clarity into the actions your teams need to take to accelerate deals and contribute to revenue growth.

That because with great webinar integrations in place, your team can easily see buyer engagement, overall interest in your services and prioritize the accounts that are interested in doing business with you.

Demand generation

Great webinar software helps you to identify your best prospects. It also helps you to better understand what content resonates with your audience, how your audience engages with your webinars and helps you to deliver a predictable pipeline of leads that you can seamlessly hand off to sales.

Product marketing

Give your product or solution the star treatment with engaging, interactive demos. And, with screen sharing and an on-camera presence, you can adjust messaging, accelerate customer adoption and demonstrate new solutions in real-time.

Brand & thought leadership

Show off your brand and thought leadership content with a consistent design that lives across your live and on-demand webinars. Then, with a consistent experience, measure which content succeeds so you know can continue to do what your brand is known for.

Convert audience engagement into revenue

What to look for in professional webinar software

Great webinar software features