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3 Women Webinerds Share Their Webinar Wisdom

April 2nd, 2019 Tiffany Beddow

During Women’s History month, we took note of women who fearlessly push the envelope on their company’s marketing programs, and we’re excited to tell you about them. Let us introduce you to three women webinerds you should aspire to be!

Brandy Rowden – Sr. Marketing Program Manager, ServiceNow

The Webinerd Diva

Brandy doesn’t mind being nicknamed the “Webinerd Diva.” She knows being meticulous and innovative when it comes to her webinar program is what drives results. In just a few years, Brandy has grown the webinar program from 45 webinars a year to 135 webinars a year.

She’s all about delivering results and loves that she can feed leads to her inside sales team and drive marketing influenced pipeline directly from her webinar program, seamlessly.

Words of Wisdom:

“Always be prepared for the unexpected. Have a plan b and be able to think on your feet. Things happen during a live webinar. You just have to remain calm and act with your backup plan.”

Check out Brandy’s webinar program in action by perusing her on-demand webinar library here.

Rory Tokunaga – Sr. Marketing Manager, Demandbase

The ABM Trailblazer

Sometimes it’s hard to try something new, but not for Rory. She’s not afraid to think outside the box. Rory and her team embraced various webinar formats for their ABM program, from product demos to customer-success stories, and the results paid off! They ultimately engaged with 30 percent of their target accounts and increased pipeline by 178 percent.

Why is she a webinerd?

“I’m a webinerd because webinars give me the opportunity to be creative, tell stories, but also allow me to be analytical, keeping me focused on the business objectives.”

Words of Wisdom:

“Wiley Coyote has influenced me throughout my career because he never gives up! Same goes for my webinar program; I’m always looking to optimize and improve.”

You can learn more wisdom from Rory by watching this on-demand panel webinar where she shares insights into her webinar program and new ideas for your own.

 Webinar Maestro

Sheri Butts – Marketing Manager, G3 Communications

The Webinar Project Management Guru

Sheri, who recently presented at Webinar World 2019, knows that to accomplish stellar things with your webinar programs, like build a webinar series, you need to start with a solid foundation. That’s why over the past three years she’s taken the time to build and optimize her Webinar Planning Guide. Not only does this guide keep Sheri on track, but it also gives full transparency to other stakeholders in the program. Take a sneak peek into her planning guide here.

Words of Wisdom:

Think about investing in tools that help streamline your webinar program processes. Our team couldn’t live without Trello, Slack and AddEvent!”

You can take on more wisdom from Sheri by checking out her full WW’19 presentation here.